Twelve Months to Financial Fitness

Welcome to our series: Twelve Months To Financial Fitness. Over the next 12 months, we will provide you with personal challenges to help you on your way to a financially fit new year. Each month we will feature a new topic and challenge. If you miss one, don’t worry! This series can be started at any time and can even be repeated!

Here’s what we’ll be featuring:

JANUARY— Analyze Spending: This month it’s time to take a look at spending habits and cut out any unnecessary spending. Learn how to tell what is essential, what is discretionary, and what you could actually do without.

FEBRUARY— Create a Budget: You know you need a budget, but how do you make one that works and you can stick to? This month will tell you step-by-step how to do just that.

MARCH— Tax Preparation: With tax deadlines right around the corner, this month we will talk about how to handle tax preparation with ease. Whether you are preparing your taxes yourself, or with a professional, there are certain tax issues to be mindful of to maximize your return and/or limit your tax bill.

APRIL— Pay Down Credit Cards: Getting consumer debt under control is hard, but doable. This month we will look at straightforward, practical ways to pay down your credit cards.

MAY— Making a Will: Do you have a will? Many people don’t. Learn why a will is an important step to protect your assets for loved ones in the event of your death.

JUNE— Collect (And Protect) Personal Documents: If you are like most people, legal documents, tax records, passports, etc. are kept haphazardly. We will teach what you need to have on hand in case of an emergency, and how to secure those documents against theft and natural disaster.

JULY— Budgeting For The Holidays: By this point, you’ll be half-way through your new financial revamp. This month we will provide you with tips for saving and budgeting for the holidays. The last thing you want is to undo your hard work by not being financially prepared for the upcoming holiday season!

AUGUST— Entertaining At Home: This month we challenge you to go an entire month staying in. By relaxing and entertaining at home rather than going out, you could save hundreds just in one month!

SEPTEMBER— Shop Smarter: As the cost of goods goes up, are you making the best purchasing options available? Learn how to cut down on monthly costs by bargain hunting, cutting coupons, and price comparing.

OCTOBER— Re-Evaluate Retirement: Are you on track for retirement? Do you know where to look? This month we will help you figure out if your current retirement plan is everything you will need it to be when retirement comes, and if not, how to start a plan to get there.

NOVEMBER— Clear Out The Clutter: This month we focus on making room for the holidays by clearing out the clutter. Plus, you can make some last-minute cash for the holidays!

DECEMBER— Review Your Year: It’s been twelve months and a new year is around the bend. Did you complete the challenges? We will help you look at how far you come and set goals for the next twelve months.

We are excited to take you on this financial fitness journey—a year-long resolution you can keep with the help of our tools. Just imagine where your finances can be with consistency and focus following these Twelve Months to Financial Fitness!

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